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Our three step process
Step 1

Our AI generates variations and updates your website

Once you've made your selection, our AI jumps into action. It immediately crafts high-quality variations tailored to resonate with your audience.

Step 2

Test is ended as soon as your results are statistically significant

Testing is where the magic happens. You can set up and track any conversion event on your website, ensuring data-driven decisions. Optimize your website for signups, purchases, trials, or even link clicks.

Step 3

We use your past results to fine-tune your future variations

Every test makes your AI smarter. We use previous tests to fine-tune your personalized website model, ensuring it becomes more adept at understanding your audience's preferences with each cycle.

It actually works...

Data from May 2024


of Keak variations out-performed the original


average conversion rate lift

What's included?

Everything you'll need to improve your conversion rates fast

Advanced analytics

Track the performance of each variations across audience segments.

Feature 01

Event manager

Track and optimize towards any conversion on your website.

Feature 02

AI & manual variations

Quickly apply filters to refine your issues lists and create custom views.

Feature 03
One Price

Unlimited Tests

$ 29/mo
14 day free trial
Pause or cancel anytime
  • Unlimited A/B Tests
  • Unlimited AI Variations
  • Manual Variations
  • Event Manager
  • Statistical Engine
  • Dedicated support slack channel

Yes! Keak works with any text or button on your website. You can easily select varations to test with our suggestions or with the CSS selector of the element you want to test.

Yes - All you have to do is add our tracker the the header of your website (similiar to how you would add a Meta pixel).

We use the minimum number of impressions given for each test along with a minimum statistically significant conversion rate.

Our script is less than 3.2kb and loads asynchronously so it will not slow down your website. We also use a global CDN to ensure that our script is loaded as fast as possible.

You can reach out to our support team at any time. We are here to help!

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